Technical Support

Technical Support

Welcome to the X-Treme electric scooter technical support pages. Here you can find many answers and quick fixes to simple problems that you might incur while owning an X-Treme scooter, X-Treme pocket bike, electric pocket bike, sea scooter, super pocket bike or any other scooter brand that is similar to X-Treme scooters. Be sure to bookmark this page.

Many of the technical support questions that can be answered are below but be sure to click on your model number above to view the full descriptions on how to fix and solve many problems. If you have another name brand of scooter, find the picture above that looks closest to your model.

We also sell >> parts for scooters such as replacement electric motors, scooter batteries, drive belts, replacement bodies, new controllers which is also known as the brain of the scooter, tires, tubes, wheels, rims, frames, bearings, brakes, scooter throttles, carrying racks, fuses, tool kits, seat clamps, headlights, light bulbs, horns, seats, ignition switches, battery chargers for all models of electric scooters, front forks, chains and axle's along with nearly every other part for most all electric scooters sold on the market today. We also sell all parts for super pocket bikes, racing daytona pocket bikes and electric pocket bikes. Just visit our >> parts pages for more details about >> electric scooter parts.

(Technical Support Hours Monday - Friday 9 AM - 5 PM CST)

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